CradleVue converts your Laptop into an Entertainment Centre

laptop entertainment center straps

Hopefully you are not disappointed when I tell you that I am not exactly talking about any geek gadget that converts your Laptop into an entertainment center, but, in fact about something that maximizes the use of your laptop while you are traveling on one of those long drives and picnic trips with family.

CradleVue are somewhat complicated harnesses and straps, which help you hang your Laptop at the perfect angle so that the screen faces the rear and you can make complete use of it as an entertainment center and also use it in case you need to send of urgent work stuff. It fits into the idea of one of those things that can said to be in the category of indispensable for most people.

laptop entertainment center harness

The best part is that it can completely fit into and adjust for any type of car, truck, van or SUV. And as the name CradleVue suggests, you can be completely content that your laptop is in safe hands, since it actually cradles your laptop!

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Via: Vuegear Via: Redferret