Matryoshka Doll is a Fedora Lamp

cool matryoshka doll fedora lamp

We have always marveled at the simplicity and the beauty of the Russian matryoshka dolls that, instead of sitting in the corner of your table, add to the elegance of your home or office interiors. Now, this newer version of the same old Russian Nesting doll is able to do just that and more by doubling up as a night light LED lamp with a mild elegant charm.

cool matryoshka doll fedora lampThe designer glass of the Fedora lamp further adds to the allure of the item which is designed by a well known Russian designer, Dima Loginoff. The two designs that have been released are quite appealing and can be an ideal gift to impress that someone special of your life. Below are a few images that show the beauty of this sensation.russian nesting doll fedora lamp

The pink sun jar and the butterfly night lamps can be the perfect attribute along with these Fedora lamps.

cool russian nesting dolls fedora lamp