Crochet Your Own Heroes of the Rebellion and Star Wars Aliens!

star wars  crochet dolls

If you are a crafty geek then create your own creative geekdom by downloading the booklets of instructions and crocheting your own favorite characters from Heroes of the Rebellion and Star Wars Alien. These crochet and stitch creations will remind you of your mother’s and grandmother’s needlework expertise. And with ready instructions manual you can just carry forward creative legacy. All you need to learn is a bit of how to crochet and sew to create your own collectibles.

star wars dolls

These creative Star Wars projects can also be useful craft lessons for creative kids and grownups who want to spend every little time of the day creatively, including the hours spent away from computer terminals and game consoles. Creative indulgence is best of all indulgences. The effort and satisfaction at the end of creation both are personal.

For creating these crocheted Heroes of the Rebellion and Star Wars Aliens – Ackbar and Yoda Amigurumi one has to purchase the PDF files which come with full instructions, many pictures and this purchase includes complete email support too. For Heroes of the Rebellion or for Ackbar and Yoda, check Etsy’s.

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