Simpsons Mosaic Table is the Best out of Waste!

the simpsons table design mosiac art

I guess we are all from the not-so-good lot that throws away their wastes into the dustbin; I mean, I know you are thinking that I have gone nuts but ain’t I right? Now you ask why have I started speaking such unusual stuff, but, you don’t find great minds like this craftster user called redflag, who, instead of segregating (after all, we have some sense of global warming, don’t we?) and throwing her wastes into the bin, made a more efficient, creative and artistic use of it and in the process also made her love for the longest running prime time serial, The Simpsons, public. She made a cool Simpsons mosaic table from leftover tiles and plates from the Target clearance aisle and a 3$ second-hand table.

the simpsons mosaic art table

The cool freehanded mosaic table shows four Simpsons characters, namely Milhouse, Lisa, Moe and Mr. Burns. Milhouse is shown holding a wine goblet whereas, Lisa is depicted sipping on Duff beer, clear with a beer mustache while Moe and Burns nastily look on, which, I guess is because of envy. Even though, I think, that this artwork encourages underage drinking (beer and wine could have been replaced with cola to give a clear-headed look), it surely deserves some applaud for the piece of patience and hard work that it is.

Other cool Mosaics we seen are the Barack Obama Mosaic and the Steve Jobs Mosaic which was made of Apple products.

Via: Makezine