Albert Einstein Action Figure

cool albert einstein figure

If you are a geek at heart then this action figure will surely make you go head over heels as “Behold! the idol of Science”, Albert Einstein, is here for you to keep him in your home, office or on your desk, but, in a rather welcoming avatar, I guess.

Albert Einstein, the pioneer of theory of relativity, and the only person I know who has been able to understand it, is back as an action figure. This action figure looks like it quite ready for some serious chalk and board “action” in the classroom.

albert einstein action figure

Armed with a chalk piece in his hands, the figurine looks ready for a fight with the forces of entropy. The pot-belly, the yellow sweatshirt and the messed up white strands hair well compliment the image that Einstein has created for himself.

Albert figure stands at a height of 5 1/4th inches and is made up of hard vinyl. Packed and shipped with an illustrated blister card, this Einstein is up for grabs for only $8.99 at Surely, this has to be on your must-buy list if you are one of the victims charmed by his incomparable knowledge of the universe and his profound ability to explain them.

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