Ultra Mobile DJ Equipment to Set Dancefloors on Fire

mobile dj equipment audio

Being a hot DJ is never so easy and one would need to stay abreast with all the latest trends across nightclubs all over the world, and with so many things to worry about, a DJ cannot really take risks about technology or the audio systems. The AUDIO 2 DJ is the smallest DJ USB soundcard ever and serves as an amazingly high quality mobile audio interface, which helps digital DJs can use the device alongside TRAKTOR and other performance software. Native Instruments have successfully created by far the best entry level solution for budding DJs who cannot carry heavy equipment around.

mobile dj equipment audio 2

In spite of being so small, the device does not compromise on the sound quality and is powerful enough to deliver the loud music that extra large nightclubs demand. Similar to the iPod DJ, it can easily be connected to the laptop using USB 2.0 cable and you could use the amazing sound quality takes you by surprise. The device reveals every note and detail of the music being played and party animals would lap it all up while you set the dance floor on fire. AUDIO 2 DJ comes with TRAKTOR PRO DEMO VERSION and KORE player and soundpack.

When you are equipped with all these goodies, there is no looking back and there is no going back. You could take that DJ stint for granted, and start dreaming big about finding work in the hottest nightclubs ever. With amazing portability, small size, and exquisite audio quality, and a great design, the AUDIO 2 DJ is the machine to get if you are considering DJing as a serious career option.

Thanks Juergen for the info!