iPhone Virus, Harry Potter Vs. Voldemort, Peter Pan Wedding [Walyou Roundup]

It has been a wonderful week at Walyou, and we have gathered a Walyou Roundup again which include many fun posts that are sure to please a lot of different individuals from across the Web. This Walyou Roundup consists of: the new
iPhone Virus, Tetris Tattoo, Albert Einstein, Beverly Hills Cop, 3D Robot Greeting Card, Harry Potter, Freddy Kreuger, Peter Pan, iGoogle Themes and much more fun posts.

robot 3d greeting cards

Enjoy the posts, have a great weekend and please send us tips to [email protected] for future featured posts or Roundup fun.

Cool Posts from Walyou:

1. New iPhone SMS Hack Could Mean an iPhone Virus Coming to an iPhone Near You

2. Heartris Tetris Tattoo for some Brick Loving

3. Albert Einstein Action Figure

4. Beverly Hills Cop Minimates Figures Box Set For Eddie Murphy Fans

5. Almost DIY 3D Robot Greeting Cards

6. Harry Potter Vs Voldemort Rap Battle Is Really Hilarious!

7. Go on a Killing Spree with the Freddy Krueger Metal Glove!

8. Peter Pan and Tinkerbell Fairy Tale Wedding Theme

9. Google Unveils Comics Themes for iGoogle

10. Tetris Salt and Pepper Shaker Set For Table Top Timepass

11. SNES Papercraft Set for Nintendo Loving Elves

12. Retsu Tokyoflash Watch Design