Ecofriendly Spray Can Lightning is Cool

spray paint can light diy

Spray Cans, which have been notorious for releasing those ozone eating CFC’s, have long been trying get rid of this tag, and with the introduction of this Spray Can Pendant Lighting, which has been made using waste spray cans, this disreputable tag is on the verge of extinction.

spray can light diy

With the can pressure carefully emptied, these cans have their bottom panels removed to make way for a glass cover. The bulb holder is fitted somewhere in the top region of the can with the wire coming out from the nozzle. Each can is then painted with some weird, but, eye catching graffiti light from outside that gives them an authentic feel.

homemade lamps spray paint can

These uber cool pendant lights when hooked to your ceilings, will give a certain impression to your friends that you care, for mother Earth, that is. All in all, these lights, along with the spray can table lamps, will give you a satisfaction that you have in some or the other way, contributed towards making this world a better place to live.

Via: Makezine