TV Error: A Casual Watch Design

Out of the many unconventionally designed watches that are already available in market, this retro TV Error design might be one of the most extreme and nostalgic for the children of the 80’s. This metallic watch design is something that one might like to wear during those casual times like at a party or just some fun moments spent with friends.

cool tv error watch design

With a highly unusual design for a watch, it still maintains it’s own charm. The watch has a whole array of designs that try to make different statement of their own. For the background, it is overlayed with Grey blocks topped up with some multi-colored blocks which kind of remind me of Tetris, but in fact the central dial is designed to resemble, the T.V screens when the signals go kaput, as seen in the 80’s when a TV signal went out. Even with the unusual design this promises to be cool watch with a very long life as it is Quartz operated.

Anyway the watch still does look pretty good and has a different feel to it. A very probable choice for someone obviously who wants a break from all the other official watches out there. I feel that maybe such watches could be the next cool watch to wear as they very much put up a smart statement. And finally the creators of the watch promise that it will give you a time of your life!

It is not high tech like TokyoFlash watches but it still has its own charm and beauty.

via: Do Work Design