Pop Tart iPhone Sleeve Makes It More Delicious 

sweet pop tart iphone sleeve

I guess it is a feast out there for the geek foodies with the release of the Pop Tart like iPhone sleeve to protect your prized possession and also something that looks sweet enough to eat. I mean, how many iPhone cases have you come across that while protecting your iPhone also promise to make your mouth salivate?

This frosted (thank God, I hate those regular ones) Pop Tart iPhone sleeves are nothing close to realm or the Bacon iPhone sleeve, but, anyways, these are quite fun to carry around your iPhone in. With brown crust and white & multicolored speckled outer cover that represents the frosty cream on the crust, and red interlinings, which correspond to the tasty jam filled center of the pop-tarts, these sleeves are one heck of an accessory that an iPhone buff  – complete foodie gotta possess.

pop tart iphone sleeve

Available from Barry’s Farm for $20, this product is way cheaper than what the official apple store has to offer its customer, and at the same time, you may be able to subside your hunger by just taking a look at this goody (pray the opposite doesn’t happens). And yes, no matter whether you like your tarts cold or toasted, you must NEVER ever put this sleeve in the oven (except when you want to burn down your house, that is).

cool pop tart iphone sleeve

Via: Gizmodo