Puzzle Delicacy: Rubik’s Cube Sandwich


It’s needless to say that Rubik’s cube has garnered way too much appreciation around the globe, and to add to its prestige, it was touted as the Best Puzzle in the world in January this year. Off late, I have seen a lot of creative folks experimenting with this cube concept and tossing interesting stuff on shelves. Of all, Rubik’s cube font generator and the Magnetic Rubik’s Cube version tops my list of favorites.

This time its something that will appeal to your taste-buds, a sandwich that is inspired from the cube concept. The list of ingredient here are cubes of pastrami, kielbasa, pork fat, salami, and two types of cheddar. I wonder if some brighter tidbits of food could have been used to give a better feel of the cube.  I have tried my hand in kitchen and I realize this kind of perfection is purely a work of art.

Its not the first time, someone merged the concept of this puzzle with food. We have earlier spoken about Rubik’s cube cake that looked irresistible with layers of chocolate butter cream. With so many cube-inspired stuff around, I am sure this is a feast for all those who love playing with this puzzle game.

Via Geekologie