Gaming Super Michael Jackson Bros. Video Game

Super Michael Jackson Bros. Video Game

super mario brothers michael jackson

A cool remake of Super Mario Brothers was made which includes the appearance of the one and only King of Pop, Michael Jackson, dressed in his Moonwalker outfit and dancing like only he knows how.

This nifty remake is somewhat entertaining and shows how Michael would have done it better and quicker than Mario ever could. For a celebrity such as Michael, a bridge was even built when he reaches the castle at the end of a level…why should he made to jump?

He joins with his screams, antics and dance moves to take over Mario’s world in the way only a King could.

There have been other funny remakes of the popular Mario game which included Super Chuck Norris Bros and even the hilarious Super Obama World. Still, if you wish to see more of the King of Pop, then check out the Michael Jackson Tribute.


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