Bumblebee Transformer Chevy Camaro Hits The Roads

bumblebee transformer chevy camaro car

Transformers sure did have every guy craving for two things, firstly Megan Fox and secondly the bright yellow Chevy Camaro also known as Bumblebee Transformer. Sadly folks the first option, Megan Fox, which was voted the sexiest woman in the world is very much out of reach, but the Bumblebee Chevy Camaro is out for grabs. The Transformers Special Edition Chevy Camaro has been officially launched by General Motors.

The new special edition car has been packed with features that may knock out any fan out of his wits. The new features include an Autobot Shield on the driver and passenger side panels, which is also placed on the center cap of each wheel. An Autobot logo has been embroidered on the center console. Transformers logos on the driver and passenger door sill plates, and another embedded in the hood rally stripes. All completed with a high gloss black center rally stripe package.

bumblebee chevy camaro car

Karen Rafferty, product marketing director- Chevrolet quoted that soon after the launch of the movie, fans from all over the world rushed in with special requests on a custom Camaro like the one on screen, so they decided to come up with a special Transformers edition to satisfy the fans!

For all those who already own a Chevy Camaro, the company decided to launch a special appearance package that can be applied on any LT(V6) and SS Trim Camaro in rally yellow with or without an optional PS package. The appearance package has been priced at $995,which seems to be very decent.

Decepticons will sure have a tough war in future as Earth would be equipped with a whole army of Bumble Bee Chevy Camaro!

via:[All Techno Blog]