Mario and Luigi Tattoos on My Feet!

cool super mario foot tattoo

The Super Mario Brothers, Mario and Luigi, are a brotherly pair that a dominating population (including me) of the world is obsessed with, and this user called SimonMarcus has taken his obsession to an all new level by tattooing his feet with the Mario brothers. Like the weird Pacman tattoo that has been painted on one’s butt, this tattoo’s place is no less than weird. I mean tattooing your hands is alright, but feet !? It is one such place that no one even cares to look at!

super mario brothers tattoos

The Mario brothers have been painted to downright details, which includes even the creases on their rompers. Mario, who painted on the right foot, is depicted to be short and plump whereas, Luigi, painted on the other foot, is shown to be tall and thin, both of which are unlike the twin characters shown in the game, and yet, they have a sense of creativity and at the same time, have retained the originality that the time pass game portrayed. I guess it would have been quite painful to tattoo it, and the user must have some real balls to give the nod to go ahead with the idea of such a weird act. I just hope that the healing takes place properly and the drawing is not messed up in the act.

luigi tattoo

Via: PureNintendo