Colourful LED Shower Lights that make Bath Time More Fun

Introducing the new shower head that uses LED lights to give it an extra charm and makes the cleaning up time more colorful and fun…probably great for kids.

I haven’t really seen anything like this, and I think it is quite amazing. Using this shower, bath time will never be dull again, whether you are 3 years old, or you are 80. There are four different colors that appear on the shower, illuminating the water.

colorful shower heads led light

These lights are not just really cool to look at, but also have a certain level of practicality associated with them. The color of the LED light changes with temperature, and so if you have really hot water coming out of the shower, the lights glow red,and the color automatically changes with any fluctuations in temperature, going through yellow and blue and finally green for really cold water. This really helps because you will no longer have to test the water temperature before you step into the shower, and you can adjust the water accordingly until you reach the color that you want to.

The best part is you don’t need any additional batteries to operate the lights, they are powered by the water pressure, and this makes it an eco-friendly option. The shower head is also just the right size, very easy to install (just unscrew your old shower head and replace it with this one) and very sturdy, having been made with ABS plastic. They fit on to the standard shower pipe size, and so they are suitable for almost every bathroom.

led shower head fun

This is most definitely the perfect accessory to make bath time more romantic, or even to entice your kids into showering. Priced at around $67 it isn’t even too expensive to consider.

color changing led shower heads

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