Grenade Oil Lamp That Spreads Light

cool grenade oil lamp

What do the military do when there is no war and the ammunition just lies waste –  Apparently they can convert at least one of their overstocked ammunition into something useful. Turns out that some Peace loving geeks turned the army grenade into a truly enlightening Oil Lamp.

grenade oil lamp

These geeks sure did give the military a slip on this one!. The Grenade Oil Lamp is made from actual U.S army surplus grenades. Hard to believe but true, the U.S army might be looking for innovative ways to improve it’s image with the people ( the Oh!-bama effect I guess).

new grenade oil lamp

The grenade oil lamps sell for $55.00 each, the piece is available in three color schemes: the Old Military Green, the Sparkling Silver and Gleaming Gold. The grenade stands at 3.75″ tall and 2.25″ wide and is coated with linseed oil in order to protect it, a bit sticky during the early stages of use but gradually subsides.

cool oil lamp grenade shaped

Friends, I personally assure you that all the Grenades are tested so as none of them explode (the common misconception regarding such objects). I feel you could do away with the Candle Light dinner and say hello to the much more explosive Grenade Light dinner.

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