Tokyoflash Independent Series Watches are like Modern Rolex for Geeks

tokyoflash watches 2009 independent series

Tokyoflash is always known for having geeky watches, but the new Independent series watches of 2009 also has some modern design that makes for a great, affordable Rolex like look.

As we all know, Rolex watches are not cheap, and their social status is also something you pay for, but not many can afford them. For that, there are great alternatives that do not cut down on the cool design, elegant look and high fashion trend. One great alternative is the Tokyoflash Independent series.

The Independent series from Tokyoflash is unlike the regular Tokyoflash watches we are used to. They are not as bright as the others, multicolored LED is not shining through with every click, and these watches are also much easier to read than the others. True, they are not a real Rolex watch or other expensive Luxury wristwatches, and they probably wouldn’t perform for such a time as a Rolex is said to, but they do provide a Geeky alternative for those that want a trendy looking watch that is some piece of work.

Here are four watches the currently comprise the Independent series of Tokyoflash Watches and each has its own perks to make geeks out there drool, and do so with some fashion sense.

Independent ITA21-5111

new watches 2009 from tokyoflash watches

This cool watch could also be called the Two Eyes Chronograph. This cool watch has a sporty design and is made of stainless steel, consists of an urethane case and has a beautiful sphere cut crystal glass face.

Independent ITT21-5101

new tokyoflash watch design independent

A cool modern watch style with a square face but rounded corners. The case and the band are both made of stainless steel, while the the face is created of mineral crystal glass. A little change is made by providing the daily used buttons at the top, at the roman numeral of 9 is the only number visible.

Independent ITX21-5132

cool tokyoflash watches design independent

Elegantly designed, this specific watch has an LCD display beneath the functional Analog dial. It is made as a beautiful sphere cut crystal glass face with a solid stainless steel band and definitely a unique look that is highly fashionable.

Independent ITA21-5142

tokyoflash watch design independent

This Independent watch has a more musculine design and a rugged look which includes a larger case, a bold face and thicker buttons. It is made with a sphere cut crystal glass face, includes three chronograph dials beneath its analog hands and is stainless steel.

These four Independent watches may not be comparable to real Rolex watches, but they do provide an inexpensive alternative for geeks who are looking for sophisticated, good looking, and functional watches that are also set apart of many others.