This iSpy Nintendo Gameboy Bag is Full of Video Game Charms!

nintendo gameboy plush toys ispy

If you are a gamer or a geek or both you will love to have this iSpy Nintendo Gameboy Bag as a fond remembrance of Nintendo gaming world and gaming days. This bag is full of fun charms from the games like Mario Brothers, The Legend of Zelda, Pacman, and Tetris. So just be prepared to get pleasantly surprised by handcrafted mushrooms, triforce and ghosts.

Geek children will surely love to have this iSpy Gameboy too. They can play with the lucky game charms inside the bag whenever they are denied console or computer access. These charms will transport them into gaming comfort zone. One can keep iSpy Gameboy Bag as a collectible too since new games and new technology will make the Nintendo Gameboy old and one will be nostalgic about these fun moments.

This iSpy Gameboy bag is made of soft fleece and lucky charms inside are made of polymer and filled with colorfill. This item is currently out of stock but do check out this link here, I am sure it’ll back due to high demand.

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Etsy’s Via Inhabitat