Color Changing Poplight Lamps Design

color changing pop light lamp

Musically inclined geeks often feel tempted to recreate musical evenings complete with sound and light at home instead of stepping out, and this Color Changing Poplight will surely help in recreating awesome colored lights in the comforts of one’s own living room.

This Poplight starts changing color when it is switched on. It covers the entire spectrum of colors from blue to red or blue to green. Switchover between colors is not quick, it slowly phases out one and lights up another color, making this fazing as a beautiful soft experience. One can switch Poplight on and off by simply pressing down on top it, and geeks can really show off this chip enabled LED Poplight to guests – Lamps can never be geekier than this.

These are ideal for small get together and parties, as it can turn the whole room magical. Halfway through the light even pulsates 3 times and then switches on another color changing cycle. One can also use Poplight as special festival home décor, with most festivals in all religions need colors and lights to brighten up the spirits.

The color changing poplight runs for $69 and comes in two color choices.

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