Cuckoo Clock Just had a Makeover

Have you always admired the classic Cuckoo clock at your grandma’s house, well I sure did, but thought that it was kind of old fashioned. But the new Cuckoo Meridiana clock might be the perfect modern day substitute for the classic.

new cuckoo clock design

As always the Cuckoo is the main star of the clock, but his house has gone a radical change since the 80s. The grand wooden mansion the Cuckoo used to live in has been replaced by a much more geeky and a modern house. The new shelter so very suits the Cuckoo that it gives our room the perfect geeky look without having to compromise on the cool clockwork bird.

fun cuckoo clock

Available for $399.00 a piece, this clockwork wonder comes in three color schemes- Classic White, Jet Black, Olive Green and Bright Yellow. I feel that every geeky room should have a Cuckoo clock in order to remind the owner about the time, in it’s classic old fashioned way.

Maybe soon they might start fitting these clocks with Bluetooth, Infrared…… and the classic Cuckoo will then become the ultimate geeky timekeeper.

If the Cuckoo is not your thing…then check out the new Sushi Wall Clock and even the Star Trek Clock.

cool cuckoo clock design

3 thoughts on “Cuckoo Clock Just had a Makeover

  1. Polina Docheva.

    We would like to receive some detailed information about particular Cuckoo clock Merediana, designed by Pascal Tarabay, material: powder coated metal. Could we order 5/five/ clocks in white and red color with red cuckoos. We need detailed information concerning the price of the product, dimensions, delivery to Varna City, Bulgaria.

    Kindly would like to thank you in advance!

    Best Regards,

    Polina Docheva
    + 359 52 663 723
    + 359 888 998 020

    1. Vignyan Post author.

      Hey there Polina Docheva!
      thanks a lot for the comment 🙂
      I guess that the post itself includes the link to specific product page where you can get all the information you need.



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