4 in 1 Rotating Game Table: Play Outdoor Games Indoors

indoor hockey table game

Most of us love to play, but we may also not necessarily find the time to do so, especially when it comes to playing outdoor games when we are in the house. The idea behind playing outdoor games after a certain age is to keep the body fit and the mind at ease, but we do not always find the time, or at times may not have the inclination to do so. In the end, isn’t it something we all want?

Now you can do all of that at home, with this 4 in 1 gaming table, which is actually designed for kids of ages 12 years and above. This 4 in 1 gaming table by Hammacher brings together games like hockey, billiards, mini foosball and dice football on one table, which can be converted as per our needs. Take a look…

indoor billiard game table

Once assembled can be moved around the house on wheels, it comes with several additional accessories for different games. Now whether it is about exercise or bad weather, you can play an outdoor game indoors whenever you feel like. It also comes in handy to keep those naughty kids at home, and keep them occupied, kind of like the Ping Pong Table door.

indoor foosball game table

It is availble for $599.95 for the entire table game set.

indoor dice football game table