Tetris Game Cushions are very Cute!

cool tetris cushions

Seems that the Tetris, Pacman and Mario’s craze go into the future, as we can see with these new Tetris themed cushions that are really so cool that anybody would pay dearly to keep their hands away from them.

Almost everyday some new accessory or gadget seems to come up themed on the old school games, and to add to this list are these new cushions made and crocheted just like the old school Tetris game so many love. It is a must for every fan and a clever pick for others this is one cool accessory to be brought.

This design by Becky from Fantasticmio was up for sale at Big On Bloor Festival on June 20, 2009, we apologize for the delay in bringing up this issue. Thanks to some wonderful weaving skills and some really cool ideas, Tetris has seemed to make it’s place on our couches too!

The fun part is that we can arrange them on our couches to resemble the game, giving our couch the ultimate gaming feeling. Along with the Tetris wall shelves and the Tetris tiles, the Tetris shaped cushions will give your house the coolest gaming appearance of all other houses!.

Also a secret,” The bottom line never disappears when you make that right combination!”.

Thanks Becky for the wonderful images and info!