Disease Shaped Plush Toys Are Dangerously Cute

chicken pox plush toy

In the past, it was highly uncommon for people to wish that someone would give them the clap, anthrax or chlamydia, but now, thanks to the amazingly cute Giant Microbes, people are actually paying money to get these and a whole host of other disease and conditions. You think I’m crazy? By the time you’ve finished reading this post, I’m fairly sure that you will want one too.

That’s right, Giant Microbes has made a whole range of plush toys that are based on various microbes, which include not only a large number of diseases, but also some cells in the body and essentially anything that looks adorable when magnified over a million times.

giant microbes plush toys

This is a picture of the whole range of diseases, don’t they make an amazingly cute pile of plush toys? It’s really hard to believe that these adorable little plush toys are responsible for some of the most deadly diseases. Some of the most popular Giant Microbes are Athlete’s Foot, Cough, Brain Cell, the Clap and Bad Breath.

With over 30 choices available, and more still to come, these Giant Microbes are the perfect gift to give people. It could even work as a hint for people with bad breath don’t you think? 🙂

The Giant Microbe range is also fairly reasonably priced, which is an added reason why you should get the whole collection, or even afford to give them away as gifts. Each of these cuddly disease bearing microbes is priced only at $7.90 at ThinkGeek.com, and they seem to have quite a few in stock, and they are even available in some retail stores across the US.