Volkswagen Beetle Computer Mod will make your PC Vintage

vokswagon beetle computer mod

If you are jaded of the unexciting looks that your PC’s CPU provides, then this vintage Volkswagen Beetle CPU mod is surely a welcoming entry to your desktop table. I bet there is no other way to commemorate the vintage beauty, except, by rebuilding it as a mod.

The whole CPU compartment is neatly made to fit inside the miniature car body, which I guess is made up of hard transparent vinyl, wherein the green cover representing the Beetle is later put on. The craftsman has tried to build the mod very close to realm and with the results out, he definitely seems to be quite successful. What, according to me, really sets this mod apart from other mods that I have come across, is the front bumper, which comes out to reveal the CD-ROM.

The back bumper opens to unveil the USB port, audio-video pins and other ports of use for the computer. The mod is quite complete even with the Volkswagen logo, and some accessory stickers. If a suggestion was to be given, then I would prefer tinted glass, since it will hide the PC components and make the mod look chick.

If “green” is your preference color, then you should try the Cardboard Computer mod that surely is eco-friendly, and to help you going green, the Wall-E Computer Case Mod will definitely be by your side.

Via: Jalopnik

6 thoughts on “Volkswagen Beetle Computer Mod will make your PC Vintage

  1. Ron.

    Was looking for vintage beetle mods and came across this page , this is not a vintage beetle , it is a new beetle and most air cooled vw owners consider this model to be a insult to the vw name , to be called a vintage a item has to be 25+ years old , this is just a new beetle.

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  3. Prathamesh Post author.

    I am sorry to have not listed it, but, the creator of this extra-special mod is yet unknown. He prefers to stay an anonymous guy with great brains. So, I apologize for not being able to help in any way to get hold of this mod 🙁

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  5. Adrian.

    This Volkswagen Beetle CPU mod is superb! I wouldn’t mind one of these – for the kids!
    Really does brighten up the old desk – I have always found some PC base units to be blatantly – ugly and therefore try to hide them away!
    This is a breath of fresh air! Good work – and how can I get one?


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