Beer Glass made from Beer Bottles?

corona beer bottle glasses

Fancy beer glasses always tend to jive up your party, no matter, otherwise it may be boring, so these recycled beer glasses will undoubtedly grab some eyeballs that will also include those of some eco-friendly geeks, what do you say?

These cool beer glasses that look as if they have been artificially painted to resemble some branded beer bottles, are actually recycled beer bottles that have been cut with precision to make some chick beer glasses. The glasses are in brand choices of Corona and Rolling Rock beer, both of which are among the top consumed beer of U.S.A. These cool tumblers which have been made in Wisconsin from waste bottles, where the Corona tumblers are 4.5” tall and 2.25” wide, have a carrying capacity of 7.5 oz and the Rolling Rock glasses, which are 4.75” tall and 2.25” wide, have a carrying capacity of 8.5 oz are available in set of 4 for a price of $34 each set, which may be a bit expensive considering they are just made up of recycled glass. But, then again, we can’t compare the beauty and worth of our mother Earth with a few dollars, can we?

rolling rock beer bottle glasses

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