This Grenade Piggy Bank Explodes to Happiness

The sound of a Grenade will instantly spark up visions of war and mayhem, but this new Grenade is on a mission to spread happiness and love, as the love grenade is a part of an anti war piece collection by Owen and Cloud.

cool grenade piggy bank sculpture

The love grenade is actually a money saving piggy bank with just the piggy missing. The piggy has been replaced by the grenade instead, but with the intention to spread love. The grenade is painted white unlike it’s military counterpart. The white colour is a symbol of love and everlasting peace.
Owen and Cloud sure did spend a lot of time in coming up with this kind of idea, at least that’s what I guess. I personally think that it is a very cool idea to come up with, especially in this crucial time when the world seems to be at the  edge of an outbreak of war.

weird piggy bank grenade

Each piece sells for $35.00. The part of the proceeds are then transferred on as a donation to A.N.S.W.E.R-“Act Now to Stop War and Racism”.  Lets all contribute to world peace by extending our support into such matters because when it comes to world peace there is no religion, caste, creed, race or country.

cool grenade ceramic piggy bank

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