Zune HD Unveiled by Microsoft

microsoft zune hd with stand

Zune HD kicked a lot of dust at the GDGT launch event in San Francisco, and the new Microsoft media player has been unveiled at the right time by Microsoft which has been having a lot of confusing problems with its online ventures. The Zune HD thus brings solace to the company with its good looks, awesome performance and great interface.

Update: Zune HD is now available in 32GB or 16GB.

In fact, the device has already generated rave reviews and with its multi-functionality, people are just going to love it even more. One can swipe between images, play games, listen to music and even plug the device into a large TV to watch your favourite movies, photos and other such material on a huge screen. The device looks amazingly chic and looks quite photogenic indeed. Multitouch interface, HDMI-out port, Nvidia Tegra chip and other goodies make the media player a life-saver for Microsoft.

There is no information about the Zune HD and Microsoft won’t even reveal when the device would be out in the market. We had recently written about the Microsoft Zune HD, where you may also read about its specs there, which also we wrote about in detail. After a couple of months, they have finally unveiled it at the GDGT event, but the question of its availability and price still remains mysterious. You could also watch the Zune HD Video and drool over its sleek looks.

Via: Wired, CNET