Wooden Computer Art Table for the Eco-Friendly

wood computer mod

Marlies Romberg, a young designer, who is always up in arms against the use of plastic and aluminum, has made a computer out of wood, complete with the monitor, mouse, computer table and an engraved wood computer keyboard. The vintage looking beauty will surely help in salvaging the humongous land mass that has been under tons of garbage generated by the use of plastic and other non degradable substances. The Dear Diary 1.0 (that’s what the designer calls her creation) is actually a computer table with built in monitor, laser cut-to-precision keyboard and a CPU that’s neatly tucked away underneath the table, all made up of wood and brass.

wood computer art table mod

From the looks of it, the masterpiece seems to be a Mac (the command key in keyboard is on left of space bar key), but again, a Mac doesn’t sport a two buttoned mouse, only Windows mouse do so. But, anyways, both Mac and Windows can be formatted and Linux can be run from both of them, so the problem of the operating system is solved. As in for the security concerns, along with an anti-virus you probably would be needing an anti-termite to save your PCs body from being eaten up by those pests. All in all, this stuff is surely gonna get some eco-friendly geeks knocking the designer’s doors, and with eco-friendly numbers undergoing a steady rise, some big moolah would surely follow.

It is just as artistic as the hand carved Wood Computer Case Mod, but in a completely different style.

cool computer table from wood

Via: Ziggytek