Bluetooth’s got a Blue Tooth House as a Earpiece Holder

Wondering what could you do in order to protect your Bluetooth headset from external harm and still get a laugh while you are at it? Well just get your Bluetooth headset a Blue Tooth Holder.

This crazy new object is something that will grant your headset some protection and make you the center of attraction.

bluetooth earpiece artistic holder

The Blue Tooth Holder is actually a Bluetooth earpiece holder that is  fabricated to resemble a blue colored tooth. Too cute and cuddly is what every one might think of it. Made completely out of felt, this guardian ensures that your Bluetooth earpiece is free from any Cavities.

bluetooth earpiece holder craft

This is something that all urban dwellers might have need of, owing to all the dust and many other external factors which cause harm to such devices. Protecting your earpieces is the number one priority for our little friend, and if you think that you are too smart to need one, then just consider the other potentials listed below.

You can use it store the teeth of your children once they break. You can use them to keep your dentures during nights. And the best that I could come up with; you can keep them as a reminder to let you know that you need to brush your teeth every day. If you fail to do so then you might end up with a sore blue tooth just like our friend here.

Besides, with all the cute cellphone accessories such as the many iPhone Cases and sort…this just seems to fit the bill.

bluetooth earpiece holder pink

Etsy’s via: Craziest Gadgets