Amazing Light Pillow

Presenting the amazing light pillow…a multi-purpose pillow could either provide comfort to you while you are sleeping, or it could serve as a night lamp, or just hang on your wall or ceiling and provide you with a soft diffused light. It is truly the perfect accessory for any home.

light pillow design

This bed pillow was designed by Linus Kustavicius, and it is a truly revolutionary idea. I’m not sure, but I think it was originally meant to be placed on the ground to provide a somewhat different kind of lighting. How you use it is up to you.

I tried hunting around to see how the lighting worked, but most sites had nothing to say about it except that it was possibly some kind of LED lighting. The cover on the pillow is 100% cotton, which will definitely make it a very comfortable option, although actually falling asleep lying down on it may not (depending on your ability to sleep with a light around you).

bed pillow light

This image really tempts me to say “An ordinary pillow by day…. but by night it turns into something truly extraordinary”, but I won’t.

As for the details, well the pillow has a powder coated metal frame (which is what will probably make it uncomfortable to sleep on), 100% cotton cover that is both removable and washable and is not very big. 17.75″x17.75″x8″. This makes it quite handy indeed, although I wouldn’t recommend it for a pillow fight.

Here’s how it looks on a wall. I think it is truly the perfect touch to any room, whether it’s a kid’s bedroom or any other room that needs a little something to make it more appealing. It is available for $189 for those who like to splurge on such bedroom designer pillows.

bed pillow design light