Cool Matryoshka Nesting Dolls Designer Mods

cool martyoshka nesting dolls ninja dolls

Modding stuffs of daily use is suddenly experiencing a new high, and that is quite evident from these Matryoshka dolls that have been modded to suite the home interiors of an art freak.

Available here, are two such sets of Matryoshka dolls, which have lost their silent and subtle looks to reveal the modified and flashy styles of a ninja and a pantone sequence by this creative Russian designer, named Yar Rassadin. Of the two sets, the Ninja Matryoshka dolls look cunning and agile in the traditional ninja color, rich black, which is provided to it, whereas, the Pantone Matryoshka doll set is in an awesome shade of light green and the color lightens as you go on setting up the series in descending order of size and perfectly justifying the name “Pantone”.

cool matryoshka nesting dolls pantone

As stated in the profile of the designer, these creations look like the ones as if they have been made on specific customer request, and hence, I have no idea on how to get hold of them (sorry!). Anyways, it won’t be a task for you to get in touch with the designer through his portfolio and ask him to make you one, I guess.

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matryoshka nesting dolls pantone dolls