Iron Music Box Morphs into a USB Drive

Remember the good old days when the only form of portable music were those Iron Music Boxes that had to be started by winding? Bertrand Planes just relived the old fantasy by morphing them into an ultra cool USB Drive. The Music Box turned USB drive is something that seems to be back from the 80s with a little twist of the modern times.

music box usb drive

The USB drive stands nearly 10cm high and nearly 8cm in width. The music box still has it’s old lever (upon turning the lever the box produced music), but here it is put to some very cool use. One can use the lever as a scroller as in a mouse; This scroller can be used to increase or decrease the size of text, scroll through pages, change the window size…etc.

If you really want to get your hands on one of these, then better hurry as only five of such pieces are available in stock at Generate. Also this limited edition USB drive will not e re-manufactured.

I still remember the times when such music boxes would equal today’s iPods and MP3 players. But their era is far from over, thanks to designers like Bertrand who keep revisiting history and get us the best out of it. I Guess History is not that bad after all.

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