Limited Edition Wall-E USB Flash Drive

Wall-E sure did enter into the hearts of many through his cool looks and amazing character design, and it’s time now that he makes his way into the computer of one lucky geek in the form of a USB drive. The one and only Wall-E USB drive in the whole world is up for sale.

cool usb flash drive of Wall E

The cool USB drive is based upon the character design of Wall-E and is replicated down to the tiniest detail, and it is up for sale at Etsy and sells for a whopping $65, which I guess maybe a small price for a true Wall-E fan.

Best thing about this Flash drive is that it also has a key chain attachment on the top, just to ensure that you carry him along all the time. Even better, its USB Jack is a retractable jack at the rear end, making it very convenient to use.

limited edition wall e usb flash drive

Thanks to the small and rugged design, the original essence of Wall-E has not been lost. Also making the device a lot more portable and multi-taskable is the simple design base of a square.

Although the price seems a bit steep, one must not forget that there exists only a limited number in the whole world. So if you are one of those antique collectors, stop wasting your time reading any further and hurry over to Etsy!.

cool wall e character usb flash drive

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Etsy’s Via: Geeky-Gadgets