Famous Movie Characters Cellphone Charms are a Riot!

rocky balboa action figure cellphone charm

If you are from the lot that always idolized Rocky, from the Rocky Balboa series, then you can now probably bring him and other idols and favorites of yours at your home with these netsuke straps available in different characters and avatars from well known Hollywood movies.

the godfather action figure cellphone charm

You can get Marlon Brando, in his famous Godfather Figure, Macho man Sylvester Stallone starring as boxing star Rocky Balboa, Anthony Hopkins as the psycho cannibal Hannibal Lecterfrom the horror thriller The Silence Of The Lambs, complete with the mask and the restraint, Johnny Depp as the innocent Edward Scissorhands and Eddy Murphy in his street smart Detroit cop role as Alex Foley from the film Beverly Hills Cop.

hannibal lecter action figure cellphone charm

beverly hills cop action figure cellphone charm

The netsuke can be used as a cell phone charm, it can also be attached to the zip of your purse to make it more hip and with the help of the extra ribbon that is provided within the package, you can also use the figure as a bookmark. The product is made up of plastic, wood, some metal and cotton. The goodie comes in a special packaging featuring the logo and a picture of the character from the film. What’s more, you even get a trivia booklet of the movie and the specific character which you order, so, you get to know some fun facts about your favorite flick that you didn’t know. Each netsuke, that stands approximately 3.3 cm tall, can be brought separately for a price of under $9, which is quite reasonable considering the free stuff that you get along with this product, what say you?

edward scissorhands action figure cellphone charm