Fridge Magnets with Funky iPhone Icon Designs

cool iphone icons fridge magnets

Geeky iPhone icons are becoming new design statements, and as an example, just take a look at these funky iPhone icons which look quite trendy as fridge magnets. Fridge magnets with fun iPhone Icon Designs seem much better than those boring good old alphabet magnets.

Fridge magnets are mostly used to put reminders or shopping lists for the day etc. These iPhone icons magnets which are available look like reminder symbols themselves. Check out the following designs that are available – SMS, calendar, weather, contacts, iPod, Safari, phone and camera. One can easily put relevant list under relevant icon. Say for instance phone contacts or urgent call reminder can be put under phone icon.

Also these fridge magnets are not going to disappoint geek children. Modern geek children learn about icons and gadgets before learning alphabets. These funky designs will only add style to geek homes. The iPhone Icon Designs Magnets are available in a set of four. Each set costs around $8.00 and each magnet’s dimension is ½” x1/8 “– small, neat and trendy indeed.

If you happen to be big time icon design fan then please do check Social media Icons Pillow Designs and cool iPhone Icons Paperclip Designs. Just wondering whether creative brains behind these icon designs get due recognition as modern day designers?

Etsy’s Via Geeky-Gadgets