Harry Potter’s Monster Book Of Monsters Can Rip You!

harry potter monster book of monstersIf you were always fascinated by the Monster book of Monsters, then this plush toy will allow you to bring home an edition of the beastliest book ever to be featured in the Harry Potter movie series. Unlike the real counterpart, this one doesn’t open up to eat your robes and tear your clothes; rather, this replica is a plush toy and can shake and vibrate when you pull that bookmark like tongue a little. Just make sure that you don’t over pull the tongue, as it may become angry and the book may rip, or even R.I.P., you apart! The “book” is highly detailed, wherein the furry cover and the plastic fake eyes add to the realm of this goodie and make it look as if it is taken right from the movie scene.

The beast is of dimensions about 10 ½ inches length x 8 ½ inches breadth x 3 inches height and up for grabs for a price of about $20, which I think is quite a cheap price for this novelty. So, go and buy this book and join in Harry and his chums in Hogwarts in their studies of the weird but, magical creatures.

Some other Harry Potter crazy fella made this Harry Potter Vs. Voldemort Rap Battle, featuring Harry and Voldemort, who come face to face in yet another epic battle, in  a somewhat funny manner and these Harry Potter Lego creations are something that a Potter buff shouldn’t miss out anyway.