ORBIS Cycle: Your Answer to the City’s Traffic Jams

orbius cycle new segway scooter

The most frustrating part of living in a city are the countless traffic jams that occur on almost every street you seem to go, and the ORBIS might be the new age solution to this new age problem. ORBIS is the modern compact electric vehicle of the future; A single wheeled self balancing vehicle to reduce the traffic congestion in the city.

new segway scooter design Orbis

ORBIS is an eco-friendly vehicle similar to the Segway Scooter which runs on an internal hub motor powered by lithium ion batteries,  proving a boon to the environment. Weighing about 25lbs and made completely out of aluminum it has a top speed of about 22km/hr. The wheel could not be compromised on in any way, so as any ingenious design would have it, they made the other parts to fold up around the wheel. This makes the ORBIS extremely portable and easy to carry, not to mention the parking is a lot easier too.

folding segway scooter designed Orbis cycle

Slightly resembling the Segway, the ORBIS is a completely new design such as the Segway GM and has a new gyroscopic stabilization device that enables it to stand upright on only one wheel.  Long gone are the days when one would be stuck in traffic for hours and thus contribute to the global warming phenomenon. Thanks to the new and improved ORBIS we can provide the future generations a healthy planet.portable segway scooter orbis

Guess what? you do not have to be a well trained unicyclist to ride this thing either, it’s so advanced that it can balance itself!. The perfect Geeky Motor Vehicle.

orbis cycle segway scooters

via: The Design Blog