Light Emitting Wallpaper: The Best Way to Light Up Your Life

This extraordinary new light emitting wallpaper by Jonas Samson is the latest innovation in lighting technology, as it lets you save tremendous amounts of electricity while at the same time providing your room with the right amount of lighting and a wonderful ambiance.

led light wallpaper design

This is essentially a two dimensional surface that is studded with LED lights. Under ordinary circumstances, it simply looks like a wall, but once the lights start switching on, the effect is bewitching. Imagine your wall looking like the picture below…blows your mind doesn’t it?

The wallpaper is constructed with a number of different layers that together enhance the lighting experience. There is a layer to conduct electricity, a conductor layer and a layer that provides the lighting. These layers are finally coated with regular wallpaper which gives it its final appearance. 

cool led wallpaper design

Unfortunately this wallpaper is not yet on the market, although the official launch has taken place. Another thing is that the wallpaper is designed especially for the elite, and so it might prove to be a little pricey for regular people. It is predicted that the starting price will be around 6000 Euros, which is not very affordable for most people; however, if you enjoy luxury and can afford it, then this wallpaper is most definitely worth buying. Another advantage of owning this wallpaper is the fact that it actually will help you use less electricity, and yet illuminate your room effectively.

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