Learn to Aim With Flying Duck Hunt Shooting Game

flying duck hunt game

Not all sensitive parents will happily gift their kids with a hunting game kit which includes a gun and a flying duck, but there are spirited geeks who would want their kids to practice to aim. Flying Duck Hunt Game will come to the aid of such geek parents and their smart aggressive kids.

Well, Flying Duck Hunt Shooting game is fairly harmless toy game though. One will just hunt a toy duck which can take a mechanical flight and can be gunned down with harmless infrared gun. But it is worrisome if kids grow up and aspire to gun down real harmless ducks and birds with real guns. So indulge in it cautiously.

It is indeed interesting to see a mechanical bird that can flap up and down 500 times per minute and can fly left, right or circle or fly straight. Charge it just for 10 seconds for a 30 seconds flight. Aspiring sharp-shooter/aimers need to shoot thrice to bring it down.

It may not be ideal gift idea in the world where parents are more conscious about sensitizing kids. But since shooting is a sport though hunting is not there will be many takers for this one too. One can order the set here for $29.95. without the AAA batteries (which can be ordered separately).

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