Capsule Rebel iPhone 3GS Protect Shell Is Appealing!

iphone 3gs protective case

Clearly, the hype around the iPhone hasn’t ebbed, going by the fact that accessory makers are still attempting to cash in on this residual market, and here is another example with the Capsule Rebel iPhone 3GS protective shell is a case in point. Ruggedly built, this iPhone case offers your phone the optimum shock resistance with its advanced plastic exterior and flexible soft polymer inner layer. GE LEXAN has designed it, with the sleekness of the iPhone in mind, and the fish bone design on the outer layer is a welcome change from the gaudy graphics that are more a norm than a passing trend. It adds an additional ounce of style to this trend-setting device.

iphone 3gs case protection

The dual structure iPhone sleeve comes in an attractive $36.17 package, which includes a dock connector, video stand, micro fiber cloth, universal dock adapter, display protect sticker (2 nos) and a screen squeegee that keeps air bubbles at bay. With 9 different colors to choose from, you have the perfect accessory to spice up your phone’s looks and at the same time, protect it from the elements.

iphone 3gs protective cases