V-moda Vibe Duo Earphones Set

The V-moda Vibe has arrived with a Vibe Duo headset that kicks aside any other competitor in the same line of products, and if you look at the specs of these chic earphones, you will definitely feel like listening to them.

vmoda earphones set

The V-moda Vibe Duo MASQUE’s you with BLISS. The V-MASQUE driver for high definition clarity and 3D sound experience combined with BLISS technology for isolating noise makes the Vibe Duo a top notch listening device. The noise cancellation does not eat on your batteries and the ear-canal shaped design and comfort of these earphones are unmatched. It comes in three different colors, rouge, chrome and nero, which is black, and is one of the headsets best suited for the Apple iPhone 3GS. Take a look at these shades…

Though we should always check for any flip side to any product, which usually for headsets are issues with call answering and compatibility with a range of MP3 players; the V-moda Vibe Duo promises to give us an amazing listening experience and drown us in comfort and bliss.

Images: ilounge, V-moda