The Joker Poker Set Is Sarcastically Dangerous

batman joker poker set

Your poker nights just got a tad blown out of normalcy because of this Batman Joker Poker set that aims to thrill your regular oh-so-boring game play. Along with providing you with good amount of entertainment, this poker set does proper justice to the image that Joker has created of himself.

The limited edition batman buff stuff includes 2 sets of card decks, where in one is the prop that Joker defaces, personalizes, brands and uses in the movie and the other is a standard 4 suite, 54 card deck, that is… well… standard. The pack also contains 100 poker chips available in Joker themed colors of green, purple, black and red and 5 dices. Of all the cards, one of them is an actually a certificate of authenticity and proves that your purchase is genuine. All this merchandise comes packed neatly in a black case made up of polished aluminum (which again is not left untouched by the Joker), that can be locked to prevent the mischief maker from touching and spoiling your second deck of cards.

The 3,000 pieces limited edition movie franchise is up for grabs for a price of $110, which, I think, is a measly sum for an ardent fan of the caped crusader. If you are on the darker side and support Joker (or the performance given by Heath Ledger, as many would say), then you probably can’t miss out the Joker Heist Figure, which looks ready to rob a bank.