9′ Spider-The Biggest In Town

If you want to make your house look the spookiest in your whole locality this Halloween then you might like to consider having our little…err…Big friend over at your house for this Halloween. The 9′ tall spider will definitely give your house an edge over the others. The nine foot Spider Arbor is probably the largest in business.

huge spider fun party

Our big friend is made from a very tough nylon material that is tear resistant and can be hand washed with mild soap water. It also features five lights; two on on it’s head, two on it’s legs and one at it’s underbelly that promise to give the arachnid a mysterious and ghostly glow in the dark. An in-built air pump inflates the whole figure in under two minutes and maintains a proper air pressure during the entire time of use. The spider is very convenient to store as it folds into a small pack measuring 12″L x 17″W x 10″H, on deflation. The light bulbs are rated for 1,000 hours of use and can be plugged into any A.C output. The whole setup also includes six plastic stakes and nylon tethers and 12 metal stakes that will keep the spider from floating away into the unknown.

So this Halloween prepare yourself to face your inner Arachnophobia with this nine feet tall Arachnid selling for only $129.99. This Halloween you might have the scare of your life.(P.S 9′ spiders only exist in the reel world so if you happen to spot one that is not made of nylon then Run for Your Life.)

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