Asuka Langley Evangelion Pullip Fashion Doll Enthralls!

asuka evangelion pullip doll

The entire world now dotes on Manga Gadgets and the pan-global adoration reflects in this cute Asuka Langley fashion doll created by Cheonsang Cheonga – a Korean company. They join hands with Jun Planning, which will handle the marketing aspect of this 12-inch tall masterpiece. Asuka Langley is one of the key characters in the Neon Genesis Evangelion series, which makes it a natural choice for real-world replication. To make the imitation near perfect, the makers have given her the trademark school uniform treatment, with shoes, bandage, sling, headseat, the Lance of Longinus and a pretty doll stand. The outfit, as well as the accessories of this limited edition Manga doll complement its slick design.

At $119.99, the Asuka Langley doll also comes with a trading card, and a short profile of the character, including her age, family, personal hobbies, traits and a lot more. We have seen quite a few characters from popular Manga series making their way to the drawing board, with most of them doing full justice to every character’s popularity. This doll further confirms this belief. If folklore doesn’t convince you enough, Asuka’s expressive eyes certainly will!