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I remember the last time I was desperate to go biking, journeying across the hills and the plains, riding through towns and waving to people, and finally savouring the feeling of clocking 5000 miles on the Odometer. It never materialized! Staying apart, you can miss the pure joy of meeting pals, doing stuff together and sharing the rush that each of you derives out of these simple, yet gratifying experiences. We have had online networking communities in the past, where you could catch up with friends but the picture was never complete. Until the founders of the GixOO platform decided to do something about it early last year! And thus, 6rounds – the live meeting point – was born.

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Weren’t you hoping to checkmate your chess pal, who lives half way across the world, a fortnight ago? Wasn’t scuba diving in the list of things that you wanted to do with your neighbor and best pal when she makes her next trip home? Believe it or not, you can override the aeons and do it right away, without moving an inch from your computer. 6rounds makes it possible for people to set up a virtual, real-time meeting zone where people can come together and do what they would ideally be doing while meeting in person – playing, watching movies, or facebooking. Most interestingly, you can also be matched with people with common interests. The world is indeed shrinking!

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