Boba Fett Plush Toy is One of the Cutest Bounty Hunters

star wars boba fett plush toy

Plush toys can bring out the softer side of any (mark my words!), any being and this is what it has done with Boba Fett, the next major villain in the Star Wars galaxy, after Darth Vader. Yes, the dreaded, dark & vengeful spy has been “cartoonized” by this super deformed plush toy, by making certain parts like his head and upper torso very huge and leaving the others disproportionately small.

The plush is cuddly and cute and looks quite huggable. This is one piece of accessory that will charm your bed and toy basket will definitely rule over your other toys, what do you say? The seven inch tall soft toy is available for a price of $6.5 – which I think is quite cheap for such an accessory – this loved-to-hug toy can be yours and is absolutely worth every penny you pay for it.

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