Voltron Metallic Gift Set Celebrates 25 Years in Business

cool voltron robot figure action figure

Way back in 1984, when Voltron was released as an animated TV series in Japan, it almost reached a cult status, in fact, even after 25 years, fans have been swearing upon the excessive violence and action depicted in the series, while also reveling in the detailed graphics of the series. The anime was even dubbed into English and distributed across the world, much to the delight of eager fans.

Now, if you are a fan of Voltron and if you would love to “defend the universe”, you could go ahead and get yourself the Voltron 25th Anniversary Metallic Gift Set which comes in a limited edition package. The gift case comes in a commemorative packaging in order to celebrate 25 years of adventures with Voltron and the gang.

At $69.99, the gift package isn’t too expensive, unless you mind spending money over cool things such as this. The figure is made of plastic and stands at nearly a foot tall. If you are not much into Banda and Anime characters, you could try and get yourself the Scarface Action Figure. It even talks! If you totally dig music, then Michael Jackson Vinyl Figures must satisfy your needs, and trust me, the really do kick ass.