Bruce Lee Bobblehead and Action Figure for the Kung Fu Fan

If you have always been a hardcore fan of Kung Fu, Judo and Karate styles of fighting and have always idolized Bruce Lee as the “whooooo-haaaaan” hero, then this Bruce Lee Funko Force action figure and the Bruce Lee bobble head will make your eyes twinkle.

cool bruce lee bobbleheadBoth the collectibles are featuring the action guru in his Fist of Fury avatar, where the bobble head is shown flaunting his trust worthy nun chuck, whereas, the action figure is displayed with some scratch marks on the hero’s face and chest, exhibiting the aura of power that Lee is famous for. In the action figure avatar, the 6 inches legend sports movable arms and heads and the bobble head, which again is 6 inches in height, is standing tall on the Fist of Fury stand bruce lee action figureBoth, the action figure and the bobble head can be bought separately for a price of $10.99 each, which I think is justified considering that the miniature caricature that you are buying is of no one else, but the guru himself, am I right? And if you have a violent streak and look for some “dark” oriented stuff, then you probably can’t miss the Dexter bobble head and the Hellraiser Pinhead bobble head.