Cool Gears of War iPhone Sleeve Design

gears of war iphone case

An amazing new iPhone sleeve for those crazy gamers who are in love with the Gears of War video games of the Xbox.

The new i-Case is made completely out of felt and is also customized to fit any iPhone, whether it be 3G, 2G or the iPhone 3GS. Guess what? it can also fit the iPod Touch as well.

The Gears of War iPhone case has a military green background over layered with the Gears Of War logo in red. This is something that every fan might have been looking forward to.

Selling for only $18 each, it is available for purchase over at Etsy. Although many i-cases themed on games have been released, rarely has anything been so simple in design and yet so effective in it’s appearance.

I personally think all the major Gears of War fans should order their Gears Of War iPhone sleeve as soon as possible, because I have a feeling that they may soon run out of stock. Even as you read this post, let me inform you that the stock has reduced by 1, as I myself bought one. So Hurry!

Via: XboxFreedom