Holographic Transporting Star Trek Spock Bobble Head Toy

The most adored Vulcan from Star Trek is back, this time round he comes in his holographic transporter look as a limited edition transporter Spock with a big bang from the nearby galaxy. He is here to take his rightful place in every collectors most prized collections.

star trek spock holographic bobblehead

This Wobble Head is a product exclusively made by Comic-Con International just for Star Trek fans. Spock’s latest feature is that he sports a crystal clear body that immediately lights up as soon as one taps his head, giving off that cool transporting illusion. The light is bright enough to light up your room or perfect to be placed on your desk. Standing 7 inches tall, Spock is sure lighting up many earthlings world.

Selling for $13.99 a piece, there exist only 1,500 such pieces so better hurry. Sadly folks Spock remains mute this time (not very different from his on screen counterpart), but features the cool transporter beam. Check out the other Bobble Heads out there like the Hellraiser Pinhead Bobble Head or the Dexter Bobble Head, all of these are very cool too.

So make sure you keep in touch with Spock by the transporter beam and keep him well informed about the events on Earth.